An Interview on What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing?

Author Karen E. Osborne interviewed me about How to Bury Your Dog for her video blog, What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing? You can watch it here.

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4 Responses to An Interview on What Are You Reading? What Are You Writing?

  1. thegersh says:

    Ciao Eva,Just listened to your interview. Very nice. You look great!!Phyllis has just launched a podcast in which she brings up the important topics of the day (and for always). The BIG QUESTIONS! It’s not really related to her consulting business..It’s more like Philosophy for Life. I think she’s absolutely BRILLIANT! I’ve just listened to the trailer and first episode. New episodes are planned for weekly release on Sundays.The name of the podcast is WE’RE ALL ALRIGHT ,by Phyllis Wilson. You can find it on your favourite podcast venue.Let me know your thoughts..Or better yet, let her know your thoughts. LoveMary

    • Thank you Mary. I’ll be sure to listen to Phyllis’s podcast. I dreamt of you a few nights ago–you were wearing an elegant black and white gown and rushing to play piano at some event.

  2. tainarose says:

    Great interview! Really enjoyed it. Just bought the Butler book your recommended.

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