Elastic Walls

From today until Friday the 13th (oh my!), the Kindle version of Elastic Walls: From Brooklyn to Texas and Points in Between is $0.99. If you’ve been meaning to download it but haven’t, now is the time.

Buy on Amazon. com.

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Elastic Walls—The Book

I was perhaps eight years old, alone in the living room and dancing joyfully to Martha and the Vandellas’ “Dancing in the Streets,” when I said to myself “I love this song, and I am never, ever going to forget how much I love dancing to it.” This moment is the first I recall of being aware of the transitory nature of life’s experiences. Perhaps this perspective is best reflected, many years later, by the animal I chose to research as a graduate student and to make the protagonist in my first attempt at a novel—the mayfly. Mayflies are known as ephemeropterans (ephemeral wings) because of their adult stage. They emerge from the water and shed their last aquatic skins to become winged insects in the terrestrial world for a day or less. Our life experiences are unique to each of us—occurring in our individual coordinates of time and place. Yet it is in these points that the essence of our lives emerge; it is within that which is transitory that we find that which is enduring.

So starts Elastic Walls: From Brooklyn to Texas and Points in Between, a collection of forty-five personal essays written over a span of twenty-five years.

Now available for purchase at Amazon.com. Click here to purchase

And if you are so moved, a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads would be very much appreciated. Some stars or just a few words will do.

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Progress is being made, albeit slowly, on my essay collection. As “they” say, life gets in the way. In the meantime, one of my short stories was just published. Check it out at Passing on the Road on a Summer’s Evening.

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The Consequences of Forgetting the Sardines

I love vignettes like Eva Silverfine’s ‘The Consequences of Forgetting the Sardines’ that just build and build and then boom! I’m sure many husbands, myself included, will feel a little guilty for sometimes – sometimes mind you! – being a bit like the antagonist. —Ken, Editor, Spank the Carp

Check it out!

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Under Construction

I am taking a little time out from posting essays here while I put together various ones I have written into a collection that I plan to publish this fall. The manuscript is off to an editor (yes, even editors should be edited), and I am getting some help with cover design concepts. In the meantime, one of my short stories (500 words) will be published on June 1st. I will post the link when the story is available online, and I hope you will take a few minutes to read it.

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