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September 11

Yesterday I attended a birthday party for the about-to-be-11-years-old daughter of some friends. Arriving at the party, I was reminded of a similar one for my own sons years ago. We had the party at the same riverside park, where … Continue reading

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The Unveiling

“Do you need to go?” my younger sister asks as we hug hello in front of the cemetery’s office. “The bathroom’s around the side of the building.” We are gathering for my father’s unveiling, the traditional Jewish ceremony within a … Continue reading

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The Smell of Fresh-Cut Grass

When my first-born son was seven months old, I decided to visit my family-of-origin in New York City. I was feeling somewhat lost in the place I had arrived—motherhood, and infants in general, were a foreign territory for me, and … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Songbook

My mother is an encyclopedia of songs—songs of her parents’ generation, songs of her own youth, show tunes spanning multiple generations, and the rock and roll of her children’s day, albeit the more melodic tunes. She will break out in … Continue reading

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The Boy from the Center of the Universe

I met the new graduate student in the stairwell, where I was talking with a professor. He raced up the staircase to learn he had just missed her class. I was taken by his ease with her, his obvious familiarity … Continue reading

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The Yellow Balloon

It becomes harder to say goodbye. My parents and in-laws live halfway across the country. Whether we visit for weeks or months, we always reach the time that we must take our leave. Knowing much time will pass before our … Continue reading

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