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The Tree of Life

The slide showed a dirt road enveloped in a misty shroud. At the side of the road a beautiful red flower with a yellow lip stood out against the wet green blades of grass. Pebbles glistened. “What is it?” I … Continue reading

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A Confused Child

On an airplane flight some years ago, I had one of those candid conversations one has at times with a stranger. I was reading The Fellowship of the Rings, and our conversation began there, went on to good and evil, … Continue reading

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The Day of the Dress

I am looking in the mirror and wishing I knew how to dress myself up a bit—you know, put on some makeup, do something different with my hair, add a little flair. The grey hair, the bags under my eyes … Continue reading

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Suburban Heights

Having finished my college degree, I moved to Northern Virginia to live with my boyfriend. We were going to play house. Hollis had a small construction business, and I found an entry-level job in the county government. We rented a … Continue reading

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September 11

Yesterday I attended a birthday party for the about-to-be-11-years-old daughter of some friends. Arriving at the party, I was reminded of a similar one for my own sons years ago. We had the party at the same riverside park, where … Continue reading

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The Unveiling

“Do you need to go?” my younger sister asks as we hug hello in front of the cemetery’s office. “The bathroom’s around the side of the building.” We are gathering for my father’s unveiling, the traditional Jewish ceremony within a … Continue reading

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The Things That Will Fit into a House

Thirteen years after my mother left, she moved back in. Her return didn’t signal reconciliation between her and my father, albeit they were on better terms than when they had separated. She moved back into the house to be useful. … Continue reading

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“The worst thing that could happen has happened,” my sister, Sarah, tells me. “I died. I’m dead” “But if you’re dead,” I ask her, “how can you be talking to me?” “I’m in another place. You wouldn’t understand,” she says. … Continue reading

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The Day the Lions Stopped Roaring

The news of the bombings in Brussels brought me back to a morning in 1992. I was driving to work and listening to the news. A reporter in Bosnia was giving an update on the siege of Sarajevo. The confusing … Continue reading

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The Smell of Fresh-Cut Grass

When my first-born son was seven months old, I decided to visit my family-of-origin in New York City. I was feeling somewhat lost in the place I had arrived—motherhood, and infants in general, were a foreign territory for me, and … Continue reading

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