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Suburban Heights

Having finished my college degree, I moved to Northern Virginia to live with my boyfriend. We were going to play house. Hollis had a small construction business, and I found an entry-level job in the county government. We rented a … Continue reading

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The Things That Will Fit into a House

Thirteen years after my mother left, she moved back in. Her return didn’t signal reconciliation between her and my father, albeit they were on better terms than when they had separated. She moved back into the house to be useful. … Continue reading

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The Smell of Fresh-Cut Grass

When my first-born son was seven months old, I decided to visit my family-of-origin in New York City. I was feeling somewhat lost in the place I had arrived—motherhood, and infants in general, were a foreign territory for me, and … Continue reading

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Scents of Christmas

In our multi-heritage home, we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas. One year I was so busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas—finishing a work project and celebrating Chanukah at home, with friends, and with several elementary school classes—that I … Continue reading

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I Visit Sometimes

I eat from my grandparents’ dishes. I sleep in one of their beds. I store my clothes in their dresser. I surround myself with old family things, as if the possessions themselves continue the family lore. I sometimes visit my … Continue reading

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Roller Coasters

In the first few weeks after I moved halfway across the country I dreamt of family—husband and child, parents and siblings, in-laws—on various beaches facing towering waves. I have dreamt of families and homes on sand for years. When I … Continue reading

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The Boy from the Center of the Universe

I met the new graduate student in the stairwell, where I was talking with a professor. He raced up the staircase to learn he had just missed her class. I was taken by his ease with her, his obvious familiarity … Continue reading

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Dump with a View

“Isn’t that a stitch?” laughed one old friend when we told her of our new modest home. “Bring it along when you come to visit,” suggested another friend. Swallowing East Coast pride and prejudices, my husband and I had bought … Continue reading

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A House with Two Windows

I used to live in a house with two windows that looked out onto the elevated train tracks that ran above Broadway in Brooklyn. The tracks and Broadway ran west to the Williamsburg Bridge, which spanned to the island of … Continue reading

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